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Daggerfall is the second game in the Elder Scrolls Trilogy. The first was Arena, but few people that even have it could barely get it to work. The third game is called Morrowind and it plays like a dream! Not only that, but Morrowind comes with a fully functional world editor that lets you change almost every aspect of the game itself.

...but this page is about Daggerfall: Elder Scrolls 2. Although not as good as the third game, it does feature two classes not covered as well as the latest game: the Vampire and the Werewolf.
There are other things that are exclusive to Daggerfall. Banks and buying houses (covered by a plugin) were included in Daggerfall. Buying a ship was also available, but all it did was store your items. Also, quests in Daggerfall had time limits on them, which could prevent you from completing the game if you failed to complete a main quest on time (don't start the main quest until you feel that you're ready. (answer the first letter, though)).

ClassFilenameDescription Created by:
Werewolf Were-Linguist This "unfortunate" soul has been infected with lycanthropy early on in his life.Kwarlord

Take a look at my Vampire!
my Werewolf


I have found a way to play Daggerfall on a system that has Windows XP or newer!
First, you will need the files DOSBox.74-win32-installer.exe and DaggerfallSetup.exe
  1. install Dos Box, first
  2. Run the Daggerfall Setup. this will install the full game to your hard drive, without the original CD
  3. check the "create desktop icon"
  4. for laptop users, get a USB mouse. touchpad doesnt work that well with this game
  5. meeting Emperor Uriel Septim VII in person!
  6. have fun!

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DosBox is an open source program and may be found at
Daggerfall was released to the public, by Bethesda, as freeware. for systems older than XP you will need the setup offered on Bethesda's website or use the original CD, if you still have that. for xp, vista, and win 7, the setup file mentioned is best. DosBox is an open source program and may be found at