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Dex Drive

what you need to use this page's contents:
A Sony Playstation
Some memory cards
A Dex Drive for the Playstation (N64 files not available here. sorry)
The Dex Drive software and a 9-pin serial port at the back of your computer
A standard COM port (in Control Panel, Add "other" hardware device and setup one)
Setup software

Where you can find the Dex Drive


You can (snail)mail your memory card to me, but I'll need $3.00 to ship it back to you. email for details. (currently unnavailable)

(note:....THERE ARE NO GAME CDs HERE! ONLY GAME SAVES! I mean, what kind of site do you think this is, anyways?!)

Dex Drive saves

FilenameDate UploadedDescriptionCreated by
Deception 12/14/00 Deception save near the end; Final Fantasy 7 Debug Room; Final Fantasy 7 save near the end; Final Fantasy 8 file By: Duel E. Lott (me)
games1 1/03/01Castlevania, Einhander, Tales of Destiny, Xenogears, and more! Duel E. Lott
games2 1/03/01 Gran Turismo, Ridge Racer 4, Alundra, and more Duel E. Lott
games3 1/03/01 Monster Rancher 1 & 2, Star Ocean 2, Azure Dreams, Castlevania, Grandia Duel E. Lott
games4 1/03/01Deception, Brave Fencer Musashi, Diablo, + others Duel E. Lott
Legend of Mana 1/03/01 Legend of Mana (2 saves) and Breath of Fire 3. more files Duel E. Lott
test file 1/03/01 Parasite Eve, Akuji the Heartless, Hot Wheels Racing unknown
Final Fantasy package! 1/03/01 contains: FF5, FF6, FF7, FF8, and FF9 Duel E. Lott
Black Mage 1/03/01 An Anime Maker file for RPG Maker. This one is rather familiar... unknown
RPG Maker1 1/14/01 A RPG Maker game. He said that its only 2 hours long, but I think it has some interesting tricks to it(updated: 1/16/01) Wes Roberts
Ogre Battle 2/12/01 A Ying/Yang special! One save is totally good, while the other is totally evil! created by yours truly. Duel E. Lott
Chrono Cross 3/07/01 Chrono Cross,Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, and y Roar 2. (my friend) Cody Carlman
RPG Maker save 7/27/01 Animation Maker saves of glowing runes Austin Paldo
RPG starter kit 12/12/01 saves near the beginning of such games as, Final Fantasy 7-9, Grandia, Final Fantasy Tactics, and others! (possible update in the future...) me again... ;-)
RPG starter kit (updated!) 4/09/02 saves near the beginning of such games as, Final Fantasy 7-9, Grandia, Final Fantasy Tactics, and others (with some more money and other extras)! now includes two Dragon Warrior 7 saves, each with a complete SimTown. me again... ;-)
Dragon Warrior 7 7/23/02 A save at the start of the Falrod area. It has been cheated by sender. Keneth
Final Fantasy 7 9/12/02 A save at the start, everything maxed out with a gameshark code. Jeff Halvich
Continued more files on the next page.


Here is a list of saves that are in demand right now. You may ask for a particular save here. If you can grant the person's wish, Dex files may be submitted to with the subject "Dex Drive" somewhere in the subject. thank you.

current wishlist

RPG Maker: games
RPG Maker: Anime Maker

Monster Rancher 1: Ghost unlocked (no gameshark cheat,please!)
Final Fantasy 7: Aeris with Great Gospel learned (disk1, of course :-) )
Final Fantasy 7: The infamous Yuffie Date
Final Fantasy 7: a save somewhere between Mt. Nibil and Nibilhilim (requested by ed Neston)
Final Fantasy 9: Chocobo Paradise unlocked and still on disk 1
Final Fantasy 9: (pal version) Disk 3, where your part is captured and you control Cid
Star Ocean 2: various endings
Xenogears: Shavet region
Elemental Gearbolt (Japan) : Finished on Hard mode
Metropolitan Highway Battle R (Japan) : Everything unlocked
Chase the Express (Japan) : After Jack Morton jumps from the train
Final Fantasy 8: The first save on disk two.
Monster Rancher 2: A save with a Pixie, Angel, Mew, and Durahan.

(tell me what YOU want to see here!)

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