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Dungeon Keeper

Dungeon Keeper is a strategy game in which you play the role of an evil Keeper. Your job is to design a dungeon, populate it with monsters, dig for gold, build rooms for your monsters, and destroy all that is good.

General Information


Treasure Room

extremly important! build near a gold vein, but make sure that gold vein is also protected by your walls. Build near a Gem Mine and expand your treasure room to a large area.


necessary. you need minions to defend your dungeon and they need a place to sleep. build this between the portal and your Dungeon Heart.


necessary. Monsters gotta eat, you know!

Training Room

extremly important! You had better train your minions or else they'll perish...along with your dungeon!


necessary. The Library is your only means of learning spells and gaining access to build other rooms. Warlocks are attracted to the smell of arcane knowledge.


needed most of the time. You build this in sections for your monsters to reach other areas they normally couldn't reach before, such as over lava.

Guard Post

not needed. Put a creature here as an early warning alarm. Great for stopping enemy imps.


useful. The Workshop is where you gain new doors and traps. Either place them down somewhere and let your imps set them up or sell them to get a little extra gold.


not needed. This can be used to rally a group of creatures together. You can then posses the leader and send out the attack party yourself! (I've yet to try this...)


useful. This is where you can capture the enemy. In the question mark screen, press the bars button and it will flash, indicating that all of your creatures will only knock the enemy to sleep so that your imps can cart them off to prison. A creature that starves to death here will be risen as a loyal skeleton.

Torture Chamber

Useful. Take a prisoner and drop him off here to be tortured. You'll either convert him to your cause or you'll kill him and turn him into a ghost. either way, its a win-win situation for you! Dark Mistresses are lured to your dungeon with this fact, they prefer to be tortured in here when they are done training. kinky! :-)


useful. throw evil creatures in the temple waters to gain a blessing from the dark gods. This room also has the added benefit of curing sick monsters and (temporarily) avoiding the beckonings of an enemy Scavenging Room. Ghosts love to worship you here. The gods do not care for good creature sacrifices.


useful...if you like vampires. Remember, Wizards and Vampires seldom get along, so build this one at your discretion.

Scavenger Room

very useful. Throw in a creature here to steal an enemy's creature with dark lies. The higher the level of the creature, the better chance it has of converting. When you hear the dark whisperings in an area, that means that a scavining room is effecting that creature. Hell Hounds are attracted by this room.

Your Creatures


Level 3: Speed Monster
Level 10: Teleport


Level 5: Sight
Level 8: Speed


Level 7: Freeze


Level 2: Slow
Level 4: Freeze

Bile Demon

Level 2: Poison Gas Cloud
Level 4: Fart
Level 7: Grenade

Demon Spawn

Level 2: missile
level 6: heal
level 11: become a level 5 dragon and changes its name

Dark Mistress

Level 6: Lightning
level 7: Speed Monster
level 9: Drain
level 10: Teleport


Level 2: Heal
Level 3: Grenade
Level 7: Meteor
Level 10: Word of Power


Level 2: Rebound
Level 3: Invisibility
Level 6: Wind
Level 8: Drain


Level 4: Speed
Level 7: Fireball
Level 10: Grenade


Level 3: Speed
Level 5: Flame Breath

Horned Reaper

Level 5: Speed
Level 10: Slow


Level 5: Speed
Level 7: Armour
Level 9: Grenade


Level 5: Armour
Level 10: Lightning


Level 5: Freeze


Level 2: Flight
Level 3: Slow ( and become immortal)
Level 4: Teleport
Level 5: Heal
Level 6: Drain
Level 7: Armour
Level 8: Wind


Level 3: Heal
Level 4: Meteor
Level 5: Invisibility
Level 6: Homing Missile
Level 7: Sight
Level 8: Wind
Level 9: Word of Power

The Enemy

Heroes are your main enemy, but there are also rival Keepers to deal with as well. Below is a list of the Do-Gooders...


Level 4: Homing Missile
Level 6: Speed Monster
Level 8: Slow


Level 6: Armour


Level 4: Speed
Level 7: Invisibility
Level 10: Rebound
Level 11: Level 3 Lord


Level 4: Armour
Level 7: Rebound


Level 2: Missile
Level 3: Fireball
Level 5: Rebound
Level 5: Heal
Level 6: Freeze
Level 7: Hail Storm
Level 8: Drain
Level 9: Slow
Level 10: Meteor


Level 2: Flight
Level 3: Poison Cloud
Level 4: Rebound
Level 5: Wind
Level 6: Lightning
Level 8: Heal
Level 9: Navigating Missle
Level 10: Hail Storm


Level 10: Speed


Level 5: Sight
Level 6: Lightning
Level 7: Speed Monster
Level 9: Freeze


Level 2: Heal
Level 3: Armour
Level 4: Slow
Level 5: Missile
Level 6: Drain


Level 3: Drain
Level 4: Lightning
Level 5: Heal
Level 6:Invisibility
Level 7: Homing Missile
Level 8: Rebound
Level 9: Meteor
Level 10: Freeze

Lord of the Land

a Knight. he is the guy you have to destroy at the end of a level.


the ultimate prize for the blackest of heart! to convert him to evil is every Keeper's grandest desire!



This is the Tuturiol Map. You get to learn all the basics here, such as building a Lair and a Treasure Room. Your creatures are weak, but fortunatly, so is the enemy. There are no secrets on this map.


Another Learner's Map. this time you get to use a Training Room for the first time.

Waterdream Warm

The first thing you should do is build five 5x5 rooms and make sure your Imps fortify your walls. now you should dig a path to the gold and dig around the gold and fortify those walls. There's a hidden Training Room with Skeletons to the west, but you won't need them.


This is the first map in which you get to use a Gem Mine. Dig your treasure room there and forget about the rest of the gold...especially the northern vein. Now that you have infinite gold, go ahead and train your Imps to level 10 before you claim the Portal.
Hidden Items:
2 Increase Level (1 before the entrance off to the side of the castle,the other inside.)
1 Steal Hero
1 Transfer creature


There is an enemy Keeper across the lava. Only train your best creatures, as gold is limited on this map. You may claim the Prison, but don't rely on that room on account it might be taken over easily. Instead, build one of your own in your area. Remember, click the question mark and then the prison bar button to tell your creatures not to kill so that they may be captured.


Here is where you get a Torture Chamber and a Dark Mistress. Make sure that you have enough gold to make a bridge to the southeastern path. This is the backdoor to the enemy Keeper's Dungeon Heart.
Hidden Items:
1 Transfer Creature
1 Make Safe
1 Increase Level


the enemy Keeper is to the west. You can easily get to his Dungeon Heart by digging out the gold there. this is the first time you get a Barracks and an Orc...not that it ever mattered to me, since I've never used either much.


If you have the patched version, this is where the game gets tough! Dig out all of the gold to the east. Amoung the gold is also two level 7 Hellhounds, some Demon Spawn, and a Transfer Creature item.There is a Hidden Realm item to the very Northeast, behind door #2.

Moonbrush Wood

There are two Gem Mines, one to the northeast, and the other to the far northwest corridor with a couple of boulder traps. If you want the farthest one, then dig out the gold in the southwest part of the map and you will stumble on to the path. Before you take out the rooms in the four corners (the one nearest the Gem Mine that is heavily guarded leads to a hidden realm.), place a bunch of traps all around the Hero Gate in the center of the map. Make sure you find and use the Transfer Creature item on your level 10 Warlock.


GAH! I wish I hadn't played this second time around with the patched version! In either case, train a Dragon to level 5 and throw him in the scavenging room right away. If you do have the Patched version, don't dawdle and train every creature you can. Expand the Scavenging Room and add the Warlock and Bile Demon when you get the chance. Use the high level guys in battle only in emergency!
Take the Level 10 Warlock or Dragon to the next level with the Transfer Creature Item. You are going to need him in Hearth!


Ok, now you have a pre-built Dungeon for your pleasure. Do you really think the computer is going to be real nice to you this time? think again. Since the enemy is coming at you from all sides, you had better throw all your best creatures into the training room as soon as you can. You are going to need your transfered creature's help from Nevergrim just to survive. After you defeat the Lord of the land, go ahead and look for the Transfer Creature,Increase Level, and Resurrect Creature in each of the corners of the map.

Elf's Dance

There is a Gem mine to the northeast and a gold vein that leads to an enemy keeper in the opposite direction. get the gold first in the path and place your traps before the imps try to claim your gold. this is the only vulnrable area, so just place a couple doors where the enemy imps are to buy you time in replenishing the traps.
Only dig out that area beyond the door after your army is strong enough to take out both keepers. If you do, place a door leading to each enemy Keeper and lock it so your imps don't get any ideas. Now, set your Prison to capture (click on ? icon and then click the bars) and go after the gold vein there. As soon as you encounter the heroes, cast a call to arms and beat the enemy into submission. Don't let them die in your Prison, since Bile Demons hate skeletons. The items here are: Increase Level, Resurrect Creature, and Transfer Creature.

Buffy Oak

This time you get a large dungeon with no rooms. build you Treasure Room around the Gem Mine and have 12 imps dig it. in the large rooms build the Lair and, if you want to, in the other large room, a training room. You are going to need a Training room, Library, Workshop, Hatchery, Prison, Torture Chamber, and Scavenger Room. Throw your best creature in the Scavenging Room as soon as you can. Grab a Fly and put him in there too. You want to see what the enemies are up to and what are his best creatures to Scavenge. There is a Transfer Creature Item here too, so this time pick a Wizard or a Dark Mistress.


Seal off the Southwest area by having your imps fortify a path above the Gem Mines. To the Southeast, is a Workshop and a Horned Reaper. Dig just above the workshop and fortify those walls also. Now dig to the north, past the portal, but just before the large gold vein, and fortify those walls between the solid rock, like you did with the others.
Now you can take your time. If you used a transfer creature item on the previous level, build a library, a lair, and a hatchery. Place your Dragon, Wizard, or Mistress in the Library and train your imps to level 10. Make sure that you mark the two Gem Mines for digging for when your imps reach level 10 or for when you run out of gold. The rest is up to you. ;-)

Woodly Ryhme

Be carefull when constructing your dungeon! There is a river not to far from your dungeon heart. You can saefly dig out the two nearby veins, though...just be sure to fortify the walls when you are done. The Gem mine is located nearby to the northwest, so gold is not a problem here either. In the room full of traps and Make Safe items, there is the third Locate Hidden World item to be found. To the southwest of it is a door with a couple of traps and a Transfer creature item. If you are going for either, I strongly recommend that you throw a few imps into your temple waters to get the cost of them down to about 150 gold for 8 imps ( sacrifice more imps if you prefer). If you have the AI patched version, one enemy keeper will take out the other keeper for you. If you didn't patch the game, they will both be a pushover. (the main reason why I always patch the game before I reinstall Dungeon Keeper)


Depending on whether you installed the patch or not, this level can be extremely easy or extremely difficult. The first thing to do is lock up both Horned Reapers in their private the song says "ya gotta keep 'um seperated." ;-)
Now don't waste time, you have to dig out AND fortify at least four rooms and expand the Gem Mine room, 'cause those tunnelers start coming in fast! If you're lucky, the heroes might take out the enemy keeper for you. If not, you should train everybody, except the imps and one troll (to make your traps).
After you're done, there's a transfer creature item for you to find.


To the northeast is the only safe place that you can get gold. dig around the gold and the entrance, dig out a bunch of 5x5 rooms, and then fortify quickly. There are no enemy keepers here, but the heroes do tend to attack quickly. you are going to need two workshops so that you can sell off the traps for money. After the enemy has been defeated, look for the Locate Hidden World, guarded by a steel door and some traps.

Blaze End

The first thing you should do is seal off the bottom 1/3 of the map.If you open up the watery area near your dark portal, start over. Otherwise, fortify that path you just dug. If you decide to dig around the central gold vein, you must build a lair and a hatchery because some neutral creatures want to join you. Quickly fortify those walls and make sure you don't take that last vein of gold at the end between the solid rock.
Now is where the fun begins. Train as many monsters as your gold will allow and then start attacking the enemies outside. Set your attack to "capture" so that you can save them for increasing your army. To the northwest, is the Reveal Map item, which will give you a good idea what to do next. The Enemy's Stronghold has a central area with a Gem Mine in it. I strongly suggest that you secure this area as soon as possible. There are also 1 Increase Level and 2 Resurrect Creature items on this level.


The most obvious thing here to do is break the dirt and claim all of the rooms. Set your prison to capture and then attack to the north. You won't have the benefit of a training room, so ignore the heroes' Dungeon Heart for now and secure the Gem Mine to the Northeast, before the enemy keeper claims both mines there. Remember, this keeper likes Skeletons, so either convert your enemies or kill them off in the Torture Chamber. That western area near you has a couple Dragons for you, so you may want to go there next. 2 Steal Heroes are on this level to help you out.

Skybird Trill

This is it! The Final battle between that loathsome Avatar and your vile forces of evil!...the only problem is that another keeper has already claimed your prize...
first of all, build a treasure room on top of the gold vein nearby and create a lair nearby the portal. Make sure you don't uncover two of the hero portals near the solid rock where the gold was (you'll know why later). The next thing you should is claim the abandoned keep. It has two more Increase levels for you to find.
After you've built up your creatures, dig a path from your Dungeon Heart to the abandoned castle up ahead. The path past the graveyard leads to the Avatar, but you can't get there directly because you can't build a bridge on this level. Nevertheless, when you're ready, take your Dragons and kill of the Avatar. His body will then vanish and then the real fight will begin! The Avatar's army will come at you in full force right now! Capture everybody and then proceede to finish off the enemy keeper.
You may now tortue the Avatar at your leisure. Enjoy! :-)

Tips and Tricks

Always build all of your rooms first. Dig out rooms in a 5x5 square with one square connecting them. these are more efficiant, plus you can place a door between the rooms, if need be.Dig out or around the gold and then let your imps fortify the walls before you start claiming the Portal, amoung other things.
Build your Lair or Training Room right next to your Dungeon Heart. You want to be ready to defend your Heart at a moment's notice, so be prepared!
When you find a Transfer Creature Item, always select a level 10 intelligent creature. In the next map, build a Lair, Hatchery, and Library before you do anything else. the Library should be at least 5x5.
Don't forget, your Workshop can also be a source of income! when there are no Gem Mines available, start laying all of your traps and doors then immediatly sell them by selecting the dollar sign icon in the Workshop panel.

Extra Levels

Skirmish Mode!

In order to play the multiplayer games by yourself and the user-created levels, follow these instructions:
  • copy the folders ldata and levels from the Dungeon Keeper CD to the Keeper directory on your hard drive.
  • edit the keeper.cfg file to alter the install path to your Keeper directory, instead of the CD. Remember, it IS case-sensitive, so if you have problems, this is most likely the culprit.
  • change the shortcut to Dungeon Keeper on your deskstop to something like this: "C:\Program Files\Bullfrog\Keeper\KEEPER95.EXE" -1player (you might have installed the game somewhere else though. this is just an example).
  • Start your game. If done correctly, you should see the intro video. if not, you'll see a question mark over a picture of a red CD, which means you did it wrong.
  • Select Multiplayer from the menu screen. there should now be a player 1 option.

    have fun!

    Map editor and script help This is the best help of Dungeon Keeper's script I could find, sorry. The Map editor is the official one given by Bullfrog on their old site.

    my very own map You need to unzip this file in the levels directory on your hard drive. After that, add another line to the level.txt file as follows: 202,3,xxx,yyy,202(3 Player) (where xxx and yyy are the coordinates that you want the flag to appear.).


    Teleport to the Dungeon Heart

    somebody else's Dungeon Keeper 2 site
    Dungeon Keeper Gold download

    Dungeon Keeper is a product of Bullfrog. Copyright 1997. This is a fan-based website, so Bullfrog does not take any responsibility in any part of this webpage. change the shortcut to Dungeon Keeper on your deskstop to something like this: