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The Heroes of Might And Magic webpage

I recently got Heroes of Might and Magic: Compendium for Christmas and I will discuss the differences between HoMM1 and HoMM2 and the Price of Loyalty Expansion for HoMM2. if you are interested in the game then please buy the game at a store and show your support for this fine strategy game.

Heroes of Might and Magic

This is the game that started it all for the series. The graphics may be horrible when compared to HoMM2, but it does have its charm. HoMM1 does have some unique campaigns and it also comes with a map editor just like HoMM2.

Heroes of Might and Magic 2

added from HoMM1: Wizards and Necromancers
added from HoMM1: selecting teams and other ways to win when building/playing a map
added from HoMM1: more items, monsters, and heroes.

Heroes of Might and Magic 2 expansion: The Price of Loyalty

added from HoMM2: more items and four new campaigns.

Some Files made by me for you to play

(note: you must have an unzipping utility in order to extract these files.) place the map in your HoMM1 or 2 MAP directory.

Heroes of Might and Magic

Good Vs. Evil I got lazy and decided to use the Random Map Generator. That is why it looks so bad. It is you against a Warlock. There are three neutral castle and some neutral towns as well as many resources and artifacts up for grabs.

Heroes of Might and Magic 2

Four Corners map This is my first map so go easy on the judgement,ok? ;-)

Scrooge map This one is one player only. See how long it takes for you to earn the money Scrooge needs.

Heroes of Might and Magic 2:The Price of loyalty (expansion)

Remember, the expansion is not compatible with the regular HoMM2. You must either buy Price of Loyalty or the compendium in order for these maps to work
Underworld This one has a Halloween feel to it. Everybody is a necromancer and there are ghosts for hire. (uploaded:10/27/98)

Battle Royale . 1-6 players with 14 neutral towns up for grabs. A HUGE amount of artifacts and resources, lots of small creature dwelings, and some character development.

Christmas Day it's a Christmas tree! All of the castles and mines are on the branches and each one lights up depending on who controls the mines. There are presents at the bottom of the tree that can only be obtained if you have the password to the magical doors.

The Little People This is the sequel to Scrooge. You are bringing Mr. Scrooge to justice by raising an army and capturing his castle.

Peasentville This map is loosly based on the Archibald map where you had to kill Peasants in order to raise a Legion of Skeletons. If you select all of your enemies to be Necromancers, you can have a Necromany rating of 90%! There are also random towns and other places of interest.

Coming Soon! Heroes of Might and Magic 3

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 this page is heavily under construction (amoung others), so bear with me, ok? thanks.

Heroes of Might and Magic and Might and Magic series are made by the fine people of New World Computing, now a division of 3DO . All screenshots on the Heroes 3 webpage are copyrighted by New World Computing and permission was given via their "webkit". further legal notices are on the bottom of that page...

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