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How to setup Morrowind correctly

  1. Check your graphic setup. You need to be running in 32-bit color and at least 800x 600 display. (right-click anywhere on your desktop and select properties, then the display tab)
  2. Right-click on My Computer and select properties. Go to Device Manager and look and see what display adapters you are using. Now, go to the manufacturer's web site and download and install their latest drivers.
  3. Open Notepad and open Morrowind.ini. Save as Morrowindbackup.txt before you do anything else.
  4. Open Morrowind.ini again and change Max fps from 240 down to 60.
  5. Change QuadraticRadiusMult=1.0 to 4.0
  6. In "level up" section, between level 20 and "default", add your own custom level up messages. (just for fun)
  7. Save and close Morrowind.ini
  8. Start a new game and save your game outside of the Excise Office.
  9. Press ESC and select options.
  10. Change your viewing distance to "near" and the AI distance to "near"
  11. Change the other settings as you see fit and save your game again. The changes you make here will affect all of your games.

Final tip: Close all programs, except Systray and Explorer before inserting CD. You can accomplish this by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete once to bring up Task Manager. Close all programs, except the two mentioned here.


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