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Welcome to the Pokemon Page!

Gotta Catch 'Em All!

#Monster NameType:Evolve to:Evolution RequirementsFound in: Rarity
1BulbasuarGrass/PoisonIvysaur Level 16Red/Bluerare
2IvysaurGrass/PoisonVenussaur Level 32red/blue rare
3VenussaurGrass/PoisonN/A N/Ared/blue rare
4ChamanderFireChameleon Level 16red/bluerare
5CharmeleonFireCharlizard Level 36red/bluerare
6CharlizardFireN/A N/Ared/bluerare
7SquirtleWaterWartortle Level 16red/bluerare
8WartortleWaterBlastoise Level 36red/bluerare
9BlastoiseWaterN/A N/Ared/bluerare
10CaterpieBugMetapod Level 7red/bluecommon
11MetapodBugButterfree Level 10red/bluecommon
12ButterfreeBugN/A N/Ared/bluecommon
13WeedleBugKakuna Level 7red/bluecommon
14KakunaBugBeedrill Level 10red/bluecommon
15BeedrillBugN/A N/Ared/bluecommon
16PidgeyNormal/FlyingPidgeotto level 18red/bluecommon
17PidgeottoNormal/FlyingPidgeot Level 36red/bluecommon
18PidgeotNormal/Flying N/A N/Ared/bluecommon
19RattataNormalRaticate Level 20red/bluecommon
20RaticateNormalN/A N/Ared/bluecommon
21SpearowNormal/FlyingFearow Level 20red/bluecommon
22FearowNormal/FlyingN/A N/Ared/bluecommon
23 EkansPoisonArbok Level 22reduncommon
24ArbokPoisonN/A N/Areduncommon
25PikachuElectricRaichu Thunder Stonered/bluecommon
26RaichuElectricN/A N/Ared/bluecommon
27SandshrewGroundSandslash Level 22blueuncommon
28SandslashGroundN/A N/Ablueuncommon
29Nidoran (female)PoisonNidorina Level 16red/bluecommon
30NidorinaPoisonNidoqueen Moonstonered/bluecommon
31NidoqueenPoison/GroundN/A N/Ared/bluecommon
32Nidoran (male)PoisonNidorino Level 16red/bluecommon
33NidorinoPoisonNidoking Moonstonered/bluecommon
34NidokingPoison/GroundN/A N/Ared/bluecommon
35ClefairyNormalClefable Moonstonered/bluecommon
36ClefableNormalN/A N/Ared/bluecommon
37VulpixFireNinetales Fire Stoneblueuncommon
38NinetalesFireN/A N/Ablueuncommon
39JigglypuffNormalWigglytuff Moonstonered/bluecommon
40WigglytuffNormalN/A N/Ared/bluecommon
41ZubatPoison/FlyingGolbat level 22red/bluecommon
42GolbatPoison/FlyingN/A N/Ared/bluecommon
43OddishGrass/PoisonGloom Level 21reduncommon
44GloomGrass/PoisonVileplume Leaf Stonereduncommon
45VileplumeGrass/PoisonN/A N/Areduncommon
46ParasBug/GrassParasect level 24red/bluecommon
47ParasectBug/GrassN/A N/Ared/bluecommon

Rarity: common=many are found in both versions.Uncommon=only found in one version. rare=only have one chance in getting these, sometimes you have to make a choice to get a certain type. N/A means "not applicable", it does not apply.

Other Pokemon games

here are some other Pokemon games that you may or may not enjoy:

  • Pokemon Pikachu: This is a little device that measures how much energy you've made yourself. Whenever you move, it generates "Watts" that you give to your little pikachu as gifts. (basically, there's a motion sensor inside it.)

  • Pokemon Pinball: This is a Gameboy Color pinball game with a built-in rumble pak...that's right, A RUMBLE PAK! I haven't yet tried it, but I may get it on a whim or something.

  • Pokemon: Pikachu Edition: Basically, this is almost exactly like the red/blue versions, except that it tends to follow more like the Anime series. There are also some Pokemon with new attacks and other pokemon, like Bulbasuar, are more common in this version.

  • Pokemon Snap: It's an N64 "game" that lets you take pictures of various Pokemon in its very own virtual world. I really can't see the appeal to this one...

  • Pokemon Stadium: Now this is the N64 to buy! This game reminds me alot like Tecmo's Monster Rancher (for the Playstation), except that you get your Pokemon from a red/blue/yellow game via a transfer pak (included) instead of unlocking them from your CDs like you do with Monster Rancher. Besides, who wouldn't want to see a Dragonite in full 3D, eh? ;-)

  • Pokemon Gold/Silver: This is the true sequel to Pokemon Red/blue. It allows some older Pokemon to evolve even further and it also allows you to combine Pokemon. get it.

  • Pikachu VRS (Voice Recognition System): I don't see this game taking off, one bit...

    Pokemon Tips and Tricks!

    Tip #1: unlimited Items

    step 1: talk to the guy in Viridian City and learn how to catch a Pokemon.
    step 2: Fly to Fushia City and head south to the shore of Seafoam Island.
    step 3: put the item you want to copy (i.e. Rare Candy) in the 6th space in your inventory.
    step 4: swim up and down the edge of Seafoam Island until you encouter a MissingNo.. run away.

    note: as long as you don't battle any of the trainers between Fushia City and Seafoam Islands, you can repeat this trick as many times as you like

    Disclaimer: Pokemon is copyrighted by Gamefreak and Nintendo. Since this is a fan webpage, Nintendo does not take the responsibilty of any inaccuracies in describing their product. comments an suggestions are always welcome. my email address is listed on my Tripod and Geocities hompage.

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