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The Role Playing Game help page

notice: due to the limiting space of Tripod, I will only post the FAQs here that I personally have created. If you're looking for the ones that were here, try thank you.

Some FAQs that I've created

Forsaken 64 FAQ My first FAQ. updated 6/19/99
Mario Party
Gauntlet Legends version 1.8, now with a better Dreamcast description! (last updated: 7/28/00)
Grandia FAQ version 1.25. (updated in 2009 with the OpenOffice format). also, version 1.2 wasn't listed, but is more current than what was previously listed. (1.1).
Pokemon Pikachu FAQ version 1.3. Has a listing of all of the melodies and the watts needed to trade them, plus more! update! Pikachu's mood explained!

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