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page last updated: 4/29/00


If you're going to be deliberatly searching to get infected with Vampirism, you might as well have the disadvantages right off the start. Select "Damage from Sunlight" and "Damage in Holy Places" along with "Immunity to Disease". A vampire generally, uses Hand-to-Hand instead of relying on weapons, so put that as a Primary Skill.

My Alucard character, started with Hand-to-Hand, Restoration, and Long Blade, with the other schools of magic as minor skills. I picked Long Blade because that is what he uses in Castlevania: Symphony of the night (YOU must buy this now!) for the PSX. And since he is an immortal being of high social class, he is given a Major skill of ettiquette. He must never kill an innocent, but he may chomp on any mortals that dare stray from the path of good.

most shops are open from 18:00 to 23:00 (when darkness descends)
The bank, unfortunetly, closes at 15:00, so make sure you have a regneration spell active!


Now that you found a vampire (female, the nasty Ancient ones are always male), let her take a few whacks at you, rest, and then repeat until you get "The Dream". After that, if you can take care of bussiness before three days, do so, because pretty soon you'll become one of those "creatures of undeath".

You are now a vampire. Take a good look at yourself (see above). You cannot rest until you kill something,but villagers don't count (but they do for werewolves).A good supply of monsters can be found inside Daggerfall City. At night, there are plenty of Wraiths wandering the streets at the dead of night. This is the perfect opportunty to advance in the Mages Guild...or any other guild, for that matter.

current status of Alucard:
He just encountered his family clan and his contact made him kill a member of a rival clan. He now has the clan ring from the Daggerfall Province, which doesn't do anything, except maybe give you instant recognition from other clan members.

(more updates on this character when I feel like it...)
unzip the file to a save directory and see for yourself!

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