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"You dream of the moon....and of a man who is less than a man..."

If you get that message, then you had better teleport over to a temple and get yourself cured if you don't want to become a werewolf!

...if, on the otherhand, this is what you want, then take your time getting back to town. In three days you'll see the same dream, and then you'll get your well as the curse that comes with it!

"normal mode"

morph mode

Advantages of becoming a werewolf:

  • Strength,Speed,Agility,and Endurance are increased by 40 points
  • certain skills are increased
  • only silver or better weapons may harm you. (luckily, those guards only use iron weapons :-) )
  • while in werewolf form, you may kill everything in a village or town and not have your carnage damage your reputation. whoopee! ;-)

    Disadvantages of Becoming a werewolf:

  • nobody likes you. *sniff* :-(
  • there is a full mooOOOoooon that forces the change on you. that'd be kind of akward on a date, wouldn't ya think?
  • if you don't kill a villager at least once a month, your hit points drop to 4 MAX.

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