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Kwarlord Kronicles

Volume 1, Issue 3
March 4, 2005

In this issue:
Investing 101

Investing in the Stock Market is now more popular than it ever was. You may wonder if it is easy enough for the average person to get into. Well I'm telling you it is easier than you think.

Full Service Brokerage Vs. Online Brokerage

A Full Service Brokerage is a firm like Edward Jones, that you go into and talk to a professional broker for financial advice and the buying and selling of stocks in your portfolio. The major drawback of the Full service type is that is very expensive to buy and sell stocks if you dont have alot of money to begin with. This type of brokerage is designed for people that need to park a ton of money somewhere (like a millionare).
An Online Brokerage, like, is more geared toward the average investor, that doesnt want to (or can't) spend alot of money in fees. The online type will let you buy stocks for a reletivly small amount of money (in sharebuilder's case: $4 per trade in buying stocks, and $15.95 to sell those shares).

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