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Abandoned House A skull portal at the Balmora Eight Plates will take you to the small house. I deleted the monster there to get the Restore MP constant effect amulet easier.Morrowind
Tribunal Teleport Ring This ring is found on a stool inside the Winged Guar, in the city of Mournhold (Godsreach section). when equipped, it will take you to either Mournhold City or the Balmora Mage's Guild.Tribunal
Bank mod There's a bank in Balmora, Sandrith Mora, and a few other places that will let you buy houses in the game. You can also store your extra gold there and let it earn interest for you. Nice! Morrowind
Bank mod v2.4 This is apparently the latest version of the bank mod. You will need to use Win RAR to extract it. The one before this is version 2.0. I'm currently looking for 2.1, which is the original author's final version of the mod. Morrowind
Balmora Stock Exchange Located near the Odai River in Balmora, this building lets you buy shares of stock in the three Great Houses. There is also a Futures trader, which you can buy and sell ingrediants from Morrowind
Official Combo mod combines several of the official mods in one easy to use mod. Saves space on the Data File list! (note: you may need some files from the plugins, such as textures and other files.) Morrowind
My Merchant save game The save file featuring version 1.9. Has maxed out stats and is wearing the stat-boosting God's Garb. updated 7/12/08 Bloodmoon
Current Merchant Mod Merchant mod gives you the ability to play as a merchant, has several NPCs with over 100k each, Creeper and Mudcrab merchant have 1 million gold on them, and luck is now a trainable skill. Lady Lara of the Trade Association now has a teleport to Khuul and the Mudcrab Merchant. A few other characters are listed in the Merchant Guild List, found in the barrel where you found fargoth's ring. (see notes for further info) Last updated: 9/01/07 Bloodmoon

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