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The Monster Hall of Fame

Years Old9 years, 7 months
Life708 (level 14)
Power704 (level 14)
Defense709 (level 14)
Skill971 (level 19)
Speed974 (level 19)
Int.997 (level 19)
Special notes:won the big 4, Has mastered ALL of his moves

Years old12 years, 3 months
Class S
Life559 (level 11)
Power952 (level 19)
Defense519 (level 10)
Skill999 (level 19)
Speed999 (level 19)
Intelligence999 (level 19)
Special notesThis is my friend's monster.It has won the big 4,has eaten 3 Golden Peaches,and beat my Predator 6 out of 10 times (it was pure luck that he did) ;-)

There will be more Hall of Famers when I top this beuty :-). If you have one that beats it, send me a photo scan of the monster's stats and I will post it here. I am setting the limit of Golden Peaches to 3 because there is a way to get infinite Golden Peaches (not telling you how).

Item list

A list of every item that I have encountered so far and a description of what it does.
ItemWhere foundWhat it does
HerbExpeditions (any), storehelps burn the fat off of monsters
Mango Expeditions (Jungle), store A tasty treat
Candy store A fattening treat
Taffy store Heals Fatigue
Mint Leaf Expedition (Winter), store Reduces stress and helps monsters relax
Mystic Snake Expedition (Winter), storeturns raising stlye towards Strict
Apple Cake storeA special treat
Heart Pill store raises skill by 20 and drops power by 10 (shortens lifespan)
PillstoreRaises power and defense by 10 and drops life by 10 (shortens lifespan)
Fly Pillstoreraises speed by 20 and drops defense by 10 (shortens lifespan)
Vitamin Astoreraises power and life by 10 and drops skills by 10 (shortens lifespan)
Vitamin Bstoreraises defense by 10 and drops speed by 10 (shortens lifespan)
Vitamin Cstoreincreases training results (shortens lifespan)
Vitamin Dstore stronger than Vitamin C (shortens lifespan)
Cat Dollstoreuse this when combining monsters...
Calm StoneHartville (Jungle) expeditionhelps monsters keep relaxed and stress free.
Fire StoneTitus (winter) expeditionHeals fatigue
Wind DrumReno (Desert) expeditionHelps monsters concentrate
Wind Whistle Reno (Desert) expeditionrelaxes monsters
Golden Peach Reno (Desert) expeditionfeed this to your monster to make him live longer
Medicine AHartville (Jungle) expeditionraises speed and defense, but may have deadly side affects
Medicine B Hartville (Jungle) expedition Same as Medicine A
Pure Silver Titus (winter) expedition sell for 4,000
Pure Gold any expeditionsell for 6,000
Emerald Hartville and Reno expeditionssell for 8,000
Diamond Hartville and Reno expeditionssell for 10,000
Sting DustReno (Desert) expedition boosts loyalty
Magic BananaHartville (Jungle) expeditioncombine two spoiled monsters with this...
Plant EggHartvillemakes monsters live longer (may drop loyalty)
Old MirrorTitus combine a Monol/Monol and a Gali/Gali with this...
Doll Leg LReno part of a doll
Doll Leg RReno part of a doll
Doll Arm LReno part of a doll
Doll Arm RReno part of a doll

Hints and Tips

Have a Pixie or Gali max out on Intelligence.Make him win to class C and have him go on Expeditions every Janurary 2nd,July 2nd, and October 2.Sell everything except the very important items. When he is ready for retirement, freeze and combine him with something else.Repeat this process until you feel that you have enough gold.

How to get your monster to live longer

First of all, no pills or vitamins! They shorten your monster's lifespan. The effects also pass on to the combined monster.

Try to feed your monster meat on the month of his brthday.

Always let your monster rest when tired. NO TAFFY!

When you get the second retirement warning, give your monster a Golden Peach for him to live a little longer.

Keep raising style on Even so they train better as well.

How to get the rare monsters

First you need to make one of each particular type before you can get them off of CDs.


Find the Magic Banana in the Hartville (Jungle) Expedition. take two spoiled monsters and combine them with this item.


Find the Old Mirror in the Titus (winter) expedition. Take a Monol/Monol and a Gali/Gali and combine them with this item.


Buy the Cat Doll from the store and use it when combining any two monsters.


Find all the Doll Parts in the Reno (Desert) expedition.Win the Doll Head at an invitational tournament. Have a very intelligent monster read the monilith in the Reno expedition. Combine the marked monster with another monster and use the Clay Doll.


Win the A-class tournament in the 4th week of august to receive the Dragon Tusk. Take a Dino/Naga and a Naga/Dino and combine them with this item.


Take a Monol/Monol all the way up to A-class and about 75 Fame. Have him win the next LOWEST (E-class) tournament. If he comes back with markings, combine him with another monster.


take an evil monster (like the Hare/Monol) and mistreat it very badly. never let it rest and always punish it. when it dies, get another monster off of a CD and have it win an E-class tournament in the same year. If the monster gets a skull mark on his chest, combine him with another monster. (unconfirmed)