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Kwarlord Kronicles

Announcements for October 17, 2006

In this issue:
Anouncements to my website

I thought I'd keep you apprised of what's going to happen to this website. I'm not getting rid of it or anything like that and nobody is forcing me to either....its just that I havent got the time like I used to to update the site as I would like to. Anyways, thanks for all the positive feedback and suggestions to improve this already awesome site, but as the saying goes: "A perfect website is never finished". so without further ado....

Morrowind and Oblivion

I wanted to add a page talking about the different playing styles used in playing Morrowind. These are only suggestions and not written in stone or anything. I need a webkit for Morrowind also. Like the image from Bethseda on the first page? me too.
I haven't even begun on the Oblivion page because I haven't bought the game yet. I may add its own page to the table of contents....someday.
The Daggerfall page is (un)dead. You can still see it though (unless I already deleted the link).
I never could get Arena to work, so you wont see it here. sorry.

News and opinion

This section will be added to more often than the others pages. This is also where I'm putting all of the website updates announcements that are too big for the index page (like what you are reading now).

Web Designing Business

not much to say here, except that I dont have a car any more. I can create what you need and email it to you when I receive payment from you. 100% satisfaction is my creed.

Dex Drive page

I still get requests for save files for the Playstation 1. I wish I could be more help, but I lost my Dex Drive years ago, and I sold the PS1 for a PS2. If you still have yours, save files may be emailed to me inside .zip form (all other file formats will be rejected). I'm leaving this page up for fans of the classic system. Thank you for your support.

Possible overhaul of the entire site

If I do redisgn my website, only the format will change. I would like to make navigation easier and make the whole thing more professional. This will be quite and undertaking and may be completely far off into the future. The content will not change.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. Enjoy the site!

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