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The Top Twenty Role Playing Games of All Time

  1. Final Fantasy 7
  2. Final Fantasy Tactics (up 1)
  3. Final Fantasy 8 (up 1)
  4. Final Fantasy 6(down 1)
  5. Final Fantasy 10 (up 1)
  6. Chrono Trigger (down 1)
  7. Xenogears (up 1 spot)
  8. Final Fantasy 4
  9. Suikoden (up 1)
  10. Lunar: The Silver Star
  11. Suikoden II
  12. Dark Cloud
  13. Lunar 3
  14. Phantasy Star 2
  15. Secret of Mana (up 1)
  16. Final Fantasy (up 1)
  17. Phantasy Star 4
  18. Crystalis
  19. Final Fantasy 5
  20. Star Ocean 2

Last Updated: 10/22/04
I had to remove some really good ol' games from the list, in order to update the polls don't know how gut-wrenching it was to remove some of these titles (wipes away single tear) *sniff*...anyways, when I can find the time I will find and/or create some scripts to have all of this automatically updated. In the meantime, only one vote per email address. thank you for voting!

The Polls are Now Open!

Honerable Mentions

(those games that almost made the list)
Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals, Tales of Phantasia, Legend of Zelda, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Suikoden, Lunar: Eternal Blue, Tales of Destiny,Castlevania: Syphony of the Night, Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, Final Fantasy Adventure, Parasite Eve,Harvest Moon, Balder's Gate, Suikoden 2,Persona,Saga Frontier, Shining Force 2,Ultima: Quest of the Avatar, Phantasy Star 3, Breath of Fire 2,Lufia: and the Fortress of Doom, Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Ultima: Exodus, Y's, Y's 2,Daggerfall,Dragon Warrior 4, Morrowind: Elder Scrolls part 3, Final Fantasy 10 part 2

Cast the Return Spell

...and one more thing, BUY THESE GAMES WHEN YOU GET THE CHANCE! ;-)